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What You Should Know Before Relocating to Montreal from the United States


There’s a lot more to moving to Montreal from the United States than just securing a visa or legal admission into the city.

The current city of Montreal, formerly known as Ville-Marie (or “The Metropolis of Mary”) and founded on May 17, 1642, is Canada’s second-most populous city.

Mount Royal, the city’s triple-peaked summit, inspired the city’s name.

Because of its supremacy as Canada’s technological center, Montreal continues to play an important role in the nation’s finance, trade, education, aerospace, fashion, transportation, pharmaceuticals, design, art, culture, tourism, food, film industry, and many other global affairs.


Montreal is also well defined in the video game production sector and has established itself as Canada’s commercial capital; it’s no surprise that everyone wants to become involved.

After hearing all of this about Montreal, one may no longer be able to resist the desire to pay it a visit, but there are still some advantages and cons that may influence your decision to relocate to Montreal from the United States.

What You Should Know Before Relocating to Montreal from the United States!

We’d be covering all of the important details to remember while relocating to Montreal from the United States (New York to be more specific).

When relocating to Montreal from the United States, keep the following factors in mind:

Living conditions
Housing affordability
Environmental aspects
Recreation and entertainment
These elements can be further subdivided as follows:

Demographics are number one.

In terms of demographics (a common element relating to the population density of individuals residing in the city), Montreal ranks higher than the United States.

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The city’s population density is approximately 78.37% lower than that of New York, with an average of 2,205 people per km2 compared to New York’s 10,194 people per km2. It’s evident why more people are relocating to Montreal from the United States.

These figures demonstrate unequivocally that Montreal is significantly less crowded than New York, making it easier to live there.

#2: Living Conditions

When comparing the relative quality of life in both cities (Montreal and New York), you’ll notice that, based on their 0.44:0.47 income disparities, Montreal loses by 0.03 units, yet it’s still 25 units ahead in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey.

Montreal also leads by having a 5.4 unit lower murder rate, according to data, with a 1:6.4 unit murder rate.

And, in general, Montreal is one of the safest cities in the world today, making it a popular destination for people moving from the United States to Canada.

#3: Housing Affordability

Because of the high cost of housing in the United States, many people are migrating to Montreal from the United States.

A typical one-bedroom flat apartment in Montreal costs around $1,004.41, whereas a comparable place in New York costs a stunning $3,025.73.

This $2,021.32 gap would force you to choose whether or not to relocate to Montreal.

4: Environmental Aspects

Because different climatic conditions suit different people, it’s also a good idea to be familiar with the temperature and humidity ranges of both locations.

New York is 6.5°C hotter than Montreal, with temperatures of 14.2°C and 7.7°C, respectively.

New York (68%) has 11.1% lower humidity than Montreal (79.1%), as well as a seashore beach, leaving Montreal with only lakes.

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5: Recreation and entertainment

Both cities (Montreal and New York) are among the greatest for leisure and entertainment, but New York’s large sporting facilities (including stadiums, arenas, and so on) set it apart.

New York also has one (1) more UNESCO Global Heritage site, however Montreal wins as a destination of pilgrimage for world religions and is/was an Olympic host city, all of which New York has yet to attain.

Sixth: Transportation

Despite having one more airport than Montreal, which has just two (2), New York does not receive a majority vote for the best city with the best transportation facilities.

Montreal has seven (7) traffic-controlled IBMs that are more efficient than New York.

The average monthly ticket in Montreal is also $59.9 less than the average monthly ticket in New York, since figures reveal that the average monthly public transportation ticket in both cities is $70.1$ and $130, respectively.

This is a good reason why many people are relocating to Montreal from the United States, particularly those who do not own a private car, as they will spend less money on transportation in Montreal than in New York.

Other considerations that may impact your decision to relocate to Montreal from the United States include:

Beer (0.5L) costs $0.53 less in Montreal than it does in New York.
The unemployment rate in New York is 4.3% lower than in Montreal.
The average wage in New York is $3,469.72 greater than in Montreal.
New York requires 4.2% less VAT than Montreal.
New York has a $0.96 lower average milk price per liter and a $0.25 lower fuel price per liter than Montreal.
A few other reasons why Montreal is the talk of the town are the following series of events that it has previously hosted:

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It was the only Canadian city to host both the Summer Olympics in 1976 and the International and Universal Exposition in 1967.
From 1978 through the present, the Canadian Grand Prix of Formula One has been held in Montreal (the largest jazz festival in the world).
Montreal also hosts the “Just for Laughs” festival, the world’s largest comedy festival, as well as the “Les Francos de Montréal,” the world’s largest event commemorating French-language music.

Good news for sports aficionados, as Montreal is also home to ice hockey and a variety of other sports.


The cost of moving to Montreal from the United States is entirely dependent on the number of individuals accompanying you on your journey. However, moving to Montreal from the United States on your alone will cost you approximately $5,300, and moving as a family will cost approximately $10,000.

Despite being the most costly city in Canada, Montreal is still one of the cheapest and most comfortable locations to live in if you are relocating from the United States.


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