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We’ll See You in Court: How Halima Abubakar Feels About Being Sued by Apostle Suleman


A Nollywood actress named Halima Abubakar has responded to Apostle Johnson Suleman’s lawsuit against her.

Remember that the two of them have been fighting since the actress said she was in a relationship with the cleric.

She told him she had an affair with him because he told her he was divorced and had three kids.

Halima, who doesn’t know what’s wrong with her, also said that he told bloggers bad things about her.

Suleman’s lawyer filed a lawsuit against Halima, accusing her of slander, blackmail, and saying bad things about him in the press.

Part of the lawsuit said:

“It is our case that you caused malicious, defamatory, and insulting things to be said about our client on several micro-blog sites, mostly Gistlover and your Instagram handle, Halima Abubakar, which have a wider reach in Nigeria and around the world.

“You made these statements knowing full well that they are false, untrue, malicious, defamatory, and have no basis in fact. You did this to blackmail our client, and they hurt his reputation and make him look bad in the eyes of responsible, right-thinking people.”

Halima replied on Instagram that she would see him in court.

“JS,” she wrote. We’ll meet at the court.”


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