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THIS IS AWFUL! 4-Year-Old Left Behind by Mother at Gambling Shop (See Her Reasons)


According to reports, a mother who lost a lot of money gaming left her 4-year-old boy in a lottery shop in Enugu.

The incident was reported by SaharaReporters on Thursday near Moore House Street in Ogui, the state capital.

Locals claimed the mom abandoned her son in the Lotto shop after suffering a big loss she was unable to recover. Later, when the wait for his mother seemed to go on forever, the young child was escorted to the Ogui police station.

When confirming the occurrence to SaharaReporters on Friday, a police officer said how a young youngster was brought to the station by some people who claimed his mother had used him as collateral to play the lottery.

The boy has been sobbing and asking for his mother ever since he was brought to the station, according to the police officer who spoke on the record on the condition of anonymity. He stated that because he can hardly speak, they were having trouble gathering information from him.

The policeman declared that the incident was the subject of a station inquiry.

According to appearances, the youngster is less than four years old. He was taken to our station by some individuals who said his mother had been using him on Moore House Street, Ogui Enugu, to play the lottery.

The small boy can’t talk well, so we haven’t been able to get any useful information from him, but we expect to start a complete investigation based on the lead the good Samaritans who brought the boy to the station supplied.

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DSP Daniel Ndukwe, the state police public relations officer, did not return calls, making it impossible to speak with him.

by SaharaReporters


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