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Skales’ Contribution to Burna Boy’s Career in 2016


Skales now feels like a dinosaur in the industry, a relic from the past that refuses to die.
But in 2016, he was doing well for himself, and he was a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian entertainment world.

Because his career didn’t take off until later, the ex-EME artist is considered a late bloomer. And once it did take off, things for him didn’t stay the same for long. But he took advantage of the opportunity and built a reputation for himself.

Even if you don’t like Skales’ music, you’ll recognize him if you hear his name today. And you’ll know whose voice you’re listening to if you hear “issokay” at a high tone on your radio or TV.

But, of all the things Skales accomplished, the most famous is the one that few people know about. And it was from there that we got the Burna Boy we know today.

Skales and Burna Boy’s True Story
Burna Boy’s career had been distinct and seemed to be on a different path until 2016. He didn’t appear to be on his way to the top, where Olamide and WizKid ruled supreme.

And how could he do that? Even Dammy Krane and Sean Tizzle gave him a run for his money with the type of music he made, which was mostly dancehall and reggae.

Skales then released a song called “Temper” in 2016. The original was nonsense, and many people have never heard it. It’s no surprise that no one heard it. Skales, on the other hand, enjoyed the song and thought it could be improved, so he enlisted Burna Boy to remix it.

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The song was a mash-up of new and old afrobeats, with a dash of dancehall thrown in for good measure. Most crucially, it was mid-tempo, which was the direction the industry was moving at the time.

Burna was the one who seized on that tune and radically transformed it. He used Fela’s sample to turn “Temper” into a tune that everyone wanted to sing along to. “Temper” became a “Ojuelegba” for him.

Burna Boy’s career took off after that, and the transition to Afrobeats was complete. He’s now one of Africa’s most well-known artists, with a Grammy to his credit. However, it all began with a Skales song. The street has a memory.

Anyway, I have a brief question for all of you.

Do you think Burna Boy would have gotten this far without his features?
What are your thoughts?
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