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Scholarship for Young Music Lovers in Developing Countries Goethe Talents 2022 (Fully-funded to Berlin Germany)


Goethe Talents Scholarship 2022: The Goethe-Institut is accepting applications for the Goethe Talents Scholarship 2022, which will be held in conjunction with the Pop-Kultur Festival 2022.

The deadline for applications is March 31, 2022.

Developing countries are eligible to participate.

To be taken in the city of Berlin, Germany.

The Goethe Talents Scholarship is a program that encourages young people to pursue their passions. Are you a 20- to 30-year-old musician, composer, singer-songwriter, or instrumentalist from a transition or developing country? You want to work professionally in the music industry, either on your own label or with a booking agency, or you want to use your music to reach a more specific audience? If you’ve already gained some experience in your area, the Goethe Talents Scholarship will assist you in progressing to the next level.

Studio visits, jam sessions, short traineeships in selected Berlin creative industries, listening sessions and meetings with Musicboard Berlin GmbH scholarship holders, as well as many other activities, such as attending concerts, will take place during the week before Pop-Kultur in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut. The experience will include a significant amount of networking.

Short-term course


All Goethe Talents Scholarship recipients will be required to prepare a 15-minute input talk in advance about their previous experience in the music field as well as the music landscape in their home country.
Because there is no translation available, advanced English abilities are required to participate in the program (B2 minimum). Prior to the event, participants will be evaluated by a local Goethe-Institut.
Participants must have prior job experience in the field of music and must show documentation of participation in at least three projects.
Participants should be open to exchanging ideas and engaging in discussions with a varied set of people working in the field of music production and performance.
Participants are responsible for any additional costs that may arise during their stay.
Each application is for a single person only. Sponsorship or participation in the program is not possible for accompanying persons.
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Participants who fail to board their scheduled flights or cancel their program at the last minute must reimburse the Goethe-Institut and Musicboard Berlin for any costs incurred.

Number of Prizes: ten

Scholarship for Goethe Talents:

The Goethe-Institut will pay the participation cost, lodging, travel expenses, and hospitality (per diem) from August 18 to August 29.
The Goethe-Institut will also assist with visas and book and pay for flights.
In addition, Musicboard Berlin will provide all talents with a complimentary festival ticket as well as access to Pop-professional Kultur’s networking area, as well as arrange for lodging (including breakfast), health insurance, and public transportation within Berlin.
The award will be valid from August 18th until August 29th, 2022.

How to Apply for a Goethe Talents Scholarship: To apply for a Goethe Talents Scholarship, follow the steps below Artists that are interested can apply here before the 31st of March.



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