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Niger Delta Youth Leader: After wrecking Nigeria’s economy, CBN Governor Emefiele wants to destroy Nigeria – 2023 Presidency


Godwin Emefiele, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, has been chastised for his intention to become President of Nigeria in 2023.
Richard Akinaka, a Niger Delta youth leader and businessman, chastised Emefiele for his continuing denial and refusal to resign despite his decision to run for president in 2023 on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

According to Sahara Reporters, Akinaka labeled Emefiele as a morally bankrupt presidential candidate hidden in plain sight.

As a result, he demanded that the CBN governor be removed from office.

Though Richard has nothing against anyone with the qualifications to run for political office, he believes Emefiele’s campaigning for political office while still serving as head of the central bank is unethical.


It was gross wrongdoing, according to Akinaka, and not necessary for someone aspiring for such a prestigious position.

According to Akinaka, Section 9 of the CBN Act of 2007 states that “the governor and deputy governors shall dedicate their entire time to the service of the bank, and shall not engage in any full or part-time occupation or vocation, whether remunerated or not, while holding office.”

“Politics is a vocation,” he said, adding that “the CBN Governor is not allowed by law to engage in party politics.” Emefiele’s desire to further damage the country, despite his obvious failings in handling the country’s economy, is inconceivable.”

“Every young Nigerian, especially those of us under the age of 40, should be worried about what is going on in this country to the extent that deciding the next set of leadership we desire should be our priority,” he stated. We now have a significant stake in this country.

“However, the fundamental concern right now is the level of decadence in our public sector.” The erosion of value to the point where government offices are now driven by the whims and caprices of those who hold them.

“I see no reason why the Governor of the Central Bank should be politically exposed.” Though he has the right to contest elections as a Nigerian, he also has the right to pursue his political ambitions, but not at the price of the office he holds, especially when campaigns, billboards, branded cars, and banners promoting his ambition abound, and he denies it.

“However, it is on record that a nomination form has been purchased, and it was purchased by local farmers, according to him or media reports.” A hundred million naira form! This is not correct. I don’t believe local farmers have the financial means to make such contributions, given the amount of hunger in this country.

“It’s sad that he can’t come out and say he wants to be president because he doesn’t want to resign from his job, which is the height of immorality and irresponsibility, and this alone should disqualify him in my opinion.”

“In any case, given the magnitude of the country’s economic troubles under his watch, what does CBN Governor Emefiele have to offer Nigeria?” What else can he offer this country that he hasn’t already done?

“As a result, I am urging the National Assembly to pass legislation as soon as possible to ensure that public officials do not have an unwarranted advantage in using government resources and influence to further their political ambitions.” What’s going on isn’t right. If Emefiele wants to run, he should retire immediately and preserve the sanctity of that post, which I know he has lost.”

A group of rice farmers and other crop growers allegedly bought N100 million worth of presidential expressions of interest and nomination papers for Emefiele in order to lure him into the 2023 presidential election.

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