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Naira Marley is slowly fading away, the bitter truth is.


Naira Marley’s career has been on a downhill spiral for months, and the only person who can be held responsible is the guy himself.
His last huge success, “Coming,” was released more than a year ago, and the “Soapy” rapper has struggled to follow up, producing one lackluster single after another.

Then there came “Drug Test,” a subpar track that failed to chart. The song was uninteresting, and Naira Marley’s charm didn’t really work.

He followed up with “First Time In America,” a sluggish uptempo rendering of repetitious lines that might make you puke. For what it’s worth, no one else seemed to notice that music either. Why should they, after all? It was a disaster.

Then, at the end of last year, he released “Kojosese,” another languid music that fans tried but couldn’t get into. “Kojosese,” a relatively lengthy track, bombed spectacularly. The fact that the track was going nowhere was obvious from the start.

I’ve previously stated that all Naira Marley needs is a high-profile collaboration to get back on track. Perhaps a song with Buju or even WizKid would be really beneficial to him? But what if it doesn’t work out?

What if we’re just having trouble accepting the fact that Naira Marley is no longer news? While some artists, such as Olamide, have managed to keep their identities alive, Naira Marley’s popularity has continued to wane. The worst part is that it doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. It’s possible it will, but it’s also possible it won’t.

But one thing is certain: another year of Naira Marley like this may spell the last for him. Sure, he’ll continue to make music and remain a source of controversy. He might even have some decent YouTube views left. But there’s no disputing that his hair isn’t as wavy as it used to be.

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Every musician has a bad period once or twice during their career. While many people do not make it, some do.

The query is:

Do you think Naira Marley will be able to recover from this setback and return to prominence?
What are your thoughts on this?
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