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James Brown said, “Bobrisky threatened to kill me if I didn’t stop being a drag queen


James Brown, a Nigerian drag queen, says that his coworker Bobrisky told him he would kill him if he didn’t stop being a drag queen.

It’s no longer a surprise that James Brown, who used to be Bobrisky’s protege, often fights with him on social media, even though their fans and followers don’t know why.

James Brown called Bob his “enemy” at the opening of Bobrisky’s multimillion-naira mansion over the weekend. He said that even the Bible says that you should celebrate your enemy.

But in a recent interview with Woody, a British influencer, James Brown said that even though Bobrisky helped him when he first started out, he was threatened when he became famous and was doing well in the cross-dressing industry.

He also said that Bobrisky threatened to kill him if he didn’t stop dressing in women’s clothes.

“And he told me that he would kill me if I kept being James Brown, a drag queen, you know, the princess of Africa. So that’s how we turned against each other,” he said in parts.

A while ago, James told Idris Okuneye, better known as Bobrisky, how he really felt about being his coworker.

When a fan asked how she felt about Bob, the drag queen, who is currently in the UK, didn’t hold back.

“What are your thoughts on Bobrisky?” Someone asked.

In response, James Brown said that Bobrisky is a troublemaker who should be avoided at all costs. But his only hope is that he will change and start over.

“Negative vibe. Trouble. Run. Wahala. “God save us!” James put words on paper.

“I hope she changes,” the cross-dresser said.



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