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HELP! My wife is rude and has avoided intimacy for months.


My wife’s behavior has been demeaning, avoiding intimacy for months, insulting, and always giving me the silent treatment, which I have learned to tolerate.
Her mother came to visit and confirmed similar sentiments; she counseled and recommended her to change, but she was hesitant and indicated that she didn’t want to continue being a wife because I want things done fairly and in order in my home, which she opposes.

After witnessing this, her mother became enraged and informed her husband, who confirmed some of the difficulties with my wife’s behavior that I had raised, and as a result, she had a family meeting with her family, which I had been asked to not long earlier.

Now that her attitude hasn’t changed, her father has asked me to come down to the village by next week so that the issue can be discussed in their larger family and my wife can come and explain why she’s acting the way she is, but we haven’t had a meeting in three months, and it’s been rescheduled for next week.

I don’t feel like attending the meeting since, while not knowing where I am at fault, I have done my best to follow the path of peace.

What Should I Do at This Point?
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