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Governor Ortom tells Nigerians that national interests must come before personal aspirations


Samuel Ortom, the governor of Benue State, has urged all Nigerians to work together to foster national unity in order to ensure the nation’s true freedom, peace, and unity.

The Governor made this declaration in a message of goodwill to commemorate Nigeria’s 62nd anniversary of independence, according to a statement from his chief press secretary, Nathaniel Ikyur.

He asserted that

Observing that “Nigeria has faced unprecedented deterioration in the last seven years where lives of citizens do not matter, everyone must work together to rebuild it for our children and the next generation,” the author asserts that “there must be a country before personal desires can be realized.”

The necessity to improve the nation’s security framework was also emphasized by Governor Ortom, who claimed that “an insecure nation neither guarantees peaceful coexistence nor engenders progress or development.”

He complained that “no one is actually safe in his or her house, schools, worship centers, places of employment, and on the roadways” and said that “nearly every region of the country is under siege and threatened by terrorists and outlaws stealing Nigeria’s sovereignty.”

The governor advised candidates for public office to prioritize Nigeria’s peace and unity before individual goals in the general elections in 2023.

The Governor emphasized that appropriate protection must be provided for everyone while advocating for free, fair, and credible elections in order to “ensure an undisturbed or unimpeded conduct of the future elections.”

The Governor issued a warning against the use of unimportant topics in elections because doing so could shatter the nation’s already fragile sense of unity and corporate existence as a result of growing mistrust and resentment amongst different ethnic nationalities.

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In order to ensure that the people’s decision is made in the elections of 2023, he also urged the political elite and all other participants to play by the rules.

The governor sent his best wishes to Nigerians on their national holiday.


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