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Camion Insurance Canada – Insurance Company General Manager – Work in Canada

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Canada Job Specifics

Brampton, Ontario is the location.

Salary: $60.00 per hour for 40 hours a week Working Conditions: Work on a permanent basis
Working full-time
Commencement date: Begin as soon as feasible
Languages \sEnglish

Bachelor’s degree 5 years or more of experience

Responsibilities \sTasks
Set aside material, human, and financial resources to put organizational policies and programs into action.

Authorize and organize the formation of major departments and senior staff positions.

Establish financial and administrative controls; create and approve promotional strategies; and give final approval to overall human resource planning.

Establish organizational goals and develop or approve policies and initiatives.

In negotiations or other official functions, represent the organization or assign representatives to act on its behalf.

Choose middle managers, directors, or other executive personnel; give required power to them; and provide optimal working conditions.

Further information
Physical capabilities and working conditions
Work under pressure in a fast-paced atmosphere
Time constraints
Large workload with high attention to detail
Personal compatibility
Effective interpersonal abilities
Outstanding oral communication Outstanding writing communication
Judgement \sOrganized
How to Us
Send an email to camioninsurance@gmail.com

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