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Best Papa Ever, On Father’s Day, Adesua Etomi praises Banky W


On Sunday, for Father’s Day, Nollywood actress Adesua Etomi praised her politician husband, Olubankole Wellington, also known as Banky W.

On Sunday, the actress put photos of Banky W with their first child, Zaiah, on her Instagram page.

She also wrote a sweet letter to the singer about how much she loved the “magical” way he was with their son.

The child’s mother wrote,

“I love seeing you and our son together. I love how happy you look when you see him when you get home from work.

“I love how happy he is when he screams “Papa.” I love how his smarts surprise and amuse you. I love that you keep watching videos of him. When you look at him, I love how your eyes shine.

“Every once in a while, I stop what I’m doing and just watch you two. The way you two get along is magic.”

Etomi also said that her son was “obsessed” with the EME boss because he is “so affectionate, attentive, patient, funny, and kind.”

She said,

“You play football with him even though you’re over 40. Even when you’re tired, you still have the energy to chase him around the living room. Bubba, it’s the little things.

“Papa Z., you’re the best. Thank you for EVERYTHING you do, which is a lot, because you do so much. You’re a great dad, the best dad, and exactly the kind of dad I hoped our kids would have.

“The best person I could have had by my side on this journey of being a parent. We are so lucky to be your parents.

“I knew it last year, but this year I know it even better: you’re the best Papa Ever. I love you, happy Father’s Day! There are never enough words. I love you.”

In 2017, the couple got married in front of a lot of famous people. In January 2021, Zaiah was born.



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