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Adesua Etomi-Wellington Reveals “Why I Refuse Some Gifts From Banky W”


During the conversation, the ‘Wedding Party’ actress also shared some of her childhood recollections.
The famed Nigerian actress Adesua Etomi-Wellington has said that she has reason to refuse some of her husband Banky W’s presents.

“I don’t think I am the traditional last born,” the actress stated in a joint interview with her spouse on the BlackBox show hosted by media personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu. I don’t think it was as difficult for me as it was for my siblings. When my parents had me, things were a little more steady, but I had my fair share of difficulties. I am more self-reliant than most people believe last-born children are.


“I guess that’s why, when Banky W and I first met, he couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t let him do some things for me.” That’s because I’m capable of doing them myself. I wasn’t trying to be a tough guy. Acts of service are Banky’s love language, whereas quality time is mine. So, when he offers to buy me something, I simply tell him that I don’t require it.”


The ‘Wedding Party’ actress recalled some of her childhood recollections, saying:


“I was born and raised in Owerri, Imo State, till I was three years old. My father served in the military. Later, we relocated to Lagos. There was some familial strife. My parents divorced and my mother relocated to the United Kingdom. I joined her three years later, when I was in my early adolescence.


“My mother relocated because she needed a change of scenery. She’d been through a lot in her life. Now that I think about it, I believe God was involved in her relocation since it was when her life truly began. She is a great civil engineer who runs her own building firm in Lagos at the time. She was quite deliberate in her approach to life. She held numerous jobs and sent money to me and my brothers in Nigeria three years after arriving in the UK.”


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