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2023 Presidency: I’ll Ensure Nigerians Don’t Pay For Medical Services – Sàràkí


Bukola Saraki, a former Senate President and presidential candidate, has stated that if elected in the upcoming elections, he will ensure that Nigerians receive free medical care.
Saraki announced this on Sunday during a meeting in Kaduna with Senator Ahmed Makari, the former governor of Kaduna State, delegates, and other stakeholders ahead of the party’s primary later this month.

“As a doctor, I will make certain that no one pays for medical care.” “This is achievable, and I will do it so that our brothers do not have to hunt for money to get in,” he stated. “Let us find that person who can lead us and unite us, for there can be no peace without unity.” There can be no growth without unity, and there can be no economic empowerment without unity.”


In addition, the former Senate President pledged to address instability in the country, particularly in the north-west.

“I will not stop until insecurity in Nigeria, particularly in the northwest, is eradicated.” Saraki stated, “We will put an end to banditry.”

“Our farmers will be able to return to the farm because we had a security summit when I was Senate President, and I warned Mr. President, ‘this is not feasible, this is not possible.’ Before, they claimed Saraki didn’t like that government, but now they know.” However, with your votes, you will regain security. Our youngsters will not be afraid to go to school.”


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